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Kessler Jib Super Video Tool
The Kessler Crane Pocket Jib Traveler is the next piece of camera gear after you get a good tripod.
Apple Watch - Dick Tracy Time!
Let me say up front the 42mm Stainless Steel Apple Watch is beautiful, well made, fun to use and comfortable on wrist.
Sony HDR-PJ650V Handycam Review
Sony HDR-PJ650V Handycam 32GB Full HD Camcorder
Sony A7r - Best Camera Ever!
Sony A7r with Voigtlander Nokton Classic 40mm f.14 lens
Can your vehicle last forever? The Permanent Vehicle Project takes a look at this prospect.
Hey, Craig, this site's founder was on my Google Plus Week show!
I had a great time having founder Craig Shipp on my web TV show Google Plus Week Friday night. Here is the info and the video: Here is the latest Google Plus Week! Audio podcast is here: •  Tablet War 2012 begins as Nexus 7 ships •  Google rolls out Jellybean and a Google+ app for iPad •  Will Amazon’s push for same day delivery destroy American retail? •  And Time Warner is offering CASH for Google Fiber’s secrets Full topic list in order with links: •  Google+ now lets you move your circles to another account, and take your followers, but there are limitations.  •  Host isn't evicted when they stop broadcasting a hangout on air. •  Google+ for iPad released (iPhone too but optimized for iPad) •  We still love Flipboard •  Time Warner Cable offers reward for Google Fiber intel: •  Jelly Bean rollout begins. How good is it? •  The great tablet war of 2012: --- Nexus 7 costs $152 to make - report: --- And Walt Mossberg thinks it is awesome: --- So does everyone else: •  Smithsonian Museums Now Mapped from the Inside Out: •  Google Trusted Photographer and Google Business Photos: •  Google settles with FTC for $22.5 million over Safari cookies: --- It’s the largest-ever fine from the FTC. And 5 hours of revenue for Google: --- (And Priz thinks its bogus.) •  Amazon pushing for same-day delivery: •  Nielsen : Android growing faster than Apple, both companies edge out competitors. •  2 weeks until our anniversary show, and we have some big things planned. Share with us your favorite moments from Google Plus Week! Audio podcast is here:
Craig Shipp on Alex Mooney Show
Craig Shipp appears on the Alex Mooney Show on AM930 WFMD - July 15, 2012
You Auto Know
Watch You Auto Know with Dave Serio LIVE every Saturday morning!
Tesla SuperElectric Car
A look at the Tesla Motors SuperElectric sports car.
AudioBoo - Audio Podcasting from iPhone
A look at a quick and easy podcasting tool for the iPhone
Google vave
Is Google wave going to be a game changer?
Friendfeed Groups
Here are some interesting friendfeed groups you might want to subscribe to!
Complete Package for Your Business!
We can help you get the most out of the Internet and it will cost less than you think!
Timeline - Where Do We Go From Here?
A look at where technology is headed.
How To use AreaGuides
A series of "How To" videos walking you through adding content to Network sites.
BradmanTV LIVE
A LIVE Internet show about nothing
All AreaGuides websites now have Twitter!
Twitter is on AreaGuides websites Technology Help
We're here to help you get the most out of the Internet!
TWiT LIVE technology show
Leo Laporte talks technology live with many experts.
Cali Lewis LIVE
Cali Lewis star of goes LIVE from time to time on
Google Chrome Browser makes Apps Shortcut
Exciting new Browser released by Google.
Dream Linux boots from a CD
Dream Linux offers a CD only Computer option
EEE Sub-Notebook is a great mobile system
ASUS Sub-Notebook is easy to take with you when you travel
CradlePoint - MBR1000 - Mobile Broadband Router
Quick report on First impressions of the new Mobile Broadband Router made by Cradlepoint LIVE - Shows 1-3 recorded
The first three in a series of technology shows no getting the most out of the Internet.
Craig Shipp - Photographer, Videographer
Watching a professional photographer and vedeographer in action allows you you to learn a lot. Technology Info
Learn how to get the most out of Internet based tools
Yellow Pages Replacement
What to do with all those yellow books?

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